Hi! Welcome to my blog! My name is Bryan, I’m 20 and I’m currently studying American Studies in my third year at the University of Winchester. I tend to spend days on end drinking tea, reading, watching TED talks and bingeing Doctor Who for daily sessions.

This blog comes from a personal, yet also a critical perspective about sex and sex education. Some context about me might be helpful here. I received sex education around the age of 14 in Year 9 of secondary school. By that time, I had already been out to my friends and family as gay for a few months. I was very lucky to have a great coming out experience. That being said, I was one of two “out” people in my entire year so I didn’t really know anyone like me. Therefore, I was pretty excited to hear when we were having sex ed classes. I was looking forward to learning about the things I would eventually be doing – If society was becoming more and more accepting of LGBT+ concepts then surely I would find relatable education.



Education is crucial. That is completely undeniable. In schools, we are told that this is our preparation for the real world. From here on out, we’ll have to fend for ourselves and so our schools and our teachers become our mentors. Sex is one aspect of our lives (and it’s a pretty massive thing we all do and talk about) that schools seem to skate over. The conversation tends to go “These are the signs of puberty. This is how women get pregnant. Condoms are great!” while not touching on seriously vital issues like rape, consent, LGBT, online matters, etc. I’m writing this blog in the hope that I can cover some of the topics that were never discussed in the time we needed it most.

I’m hoping to post at least weekly (because I’m super opinionated). I enjoy sex and education greatly, so I hope you enjoy my blogs about them too. And I hope that you might learn something. If you disagree or agree with any of my blogs, please strike up a conversation in the comments, I look forward to hearing your opinions and learning stuff from y’all too.




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