Tips for Anal Beginners from an Anal Lover

Butt stuff can be difficult to navigate. If you’re an experienced professor of anal, you’re sorted. But there can be a lot of pressure when you try it for the first time. Let’s face it, the back door can be a little more confusing compared to everything else, but it doesn’t have to be. So here are some tips to get you started

  1. Get to know your body and practice with something small. The best way to start this process is to be in touch (literally) with your own body. When you get a night to yourself and you’re feeling experimental…there ain’t nothing stopping you getting frisky. It’s always best to start with something small like a finger or a small dildo to try yourself before you let someone else anywhere near.
  2. Douche (but not with an actual douche). A douche is a great way to clean out the insides before you do anal. Although using a douche isn’t harmful if you don’t do it often, an ear syringe shoots the water with less force and has exactly the same effect. Once the water is up there, do exactly what you would normally do going to the bathroom. It normally takes a few times before the water is clear. But once it is, you’re pretty much good to go.
  3. Start with someone you trust. For the first time, trying anal, like any other sexual act, with someone you trust and can be more comfortable with can take a lot of the (unnecessary) pressure off. Feeling comfortable is so crucial to enjoying anal.
  4. Foreplay the crap out of this experience. It’s always good to start with foreplay – kissing, oral, nipple play, body touching. Heighten all the other senses too, they’re just as importance as the asshole in this experience. It means you get to take your time like you would with any new experience.
  5. Lube. Lube. More Lube. I am not joking. Lube is your new best friend when it comes to anal penetration. Lube up the dick and lube up your asshole because you are gonna need it. It’s going to help loosen things up and it’s a great comfort no matter how experienced you are.
  6. Start on top and take the lead. From personal experience, starting on top can often mean that I am going at a pace which is comfortable for me. The more you take the lead the first time, the more comfortable you will be.
  7. Try new positions. If being on top or any other position doesn’t work for you, then switch it up. There’s a whole world of positions you can work with to maximise pleasure. It’s completely normal to find some positions more comfortable than others, so stick with what works for you.
  8. It’s your asshole. Things can get messy. It’s so obvious that there are some not-so-nice elements to anal sex. The reality is: it’s your butt. Accidents can and do happen. If your partner doesn’t understand that, then it’s their issue. It’s not a great thought but, if it’s any consolation, it’s such a rarity that it’s not really worth worrying about. When having anal sex, it can sometimes feel like you need to run to the bathroom. Most of the time, however, it’s just getting used to a new sensation and is nothing to worry about.
  9. Anal should never hurt. If anal ever hurts, it’s being done wrong. This can be for a number of reasons: discomfort, not enough lube, wrong position, went in too fast, the list is endless! I’ve found that breathing is key to preventing anal discomfort. For example, whatever position you’re in, do some deep breaths in and out so that the penis (or toy) relaxes into you instead of being pushed into you.
  10. Enjoy it, because it is sooooo good. Anal sex literally opens up a door of new opportunities for you and your partner(s) in the bedroom. You can reach orgasmic climaxes from anal just like other places in the body. Keep experimenting and always keep an open mind. Use protection and be safe.


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